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Our Expert Advice

Canada Door Inc. offers you some tips for regular maintenance and repair of your garage doors. For questions or if you need assistance, please do not hesitate tocontact one of our specialists.


You can clean your garage door using mild soap: Avoid abrasive cleaners or powerful liquid soaps. An application of car wax once a year will help protect your garage door’s beautiful appearance.


The experts at Canada Door Inc. offer their expertise and their knowledge for all your needs for commercial and residential garage door repairs. Whether it is for weather-stripping, safety devices, glazing, hardware, springs problems and much more, we find the solution at the very first appointment. Call us today!

Hardware store

All garage door hardware, which includes casters, hinges and springs should be lubricated with silicone oil every six months. Avoid the use of petroleum-based oils (Vaseline, WD-40). For rails, lubricate the curved part, and then wipe off excess oil with a cloth.

Weather Stripping

PVC-based weather stripping can be cleaned simply using a vinyl cleaner.


Every two or three months, disconnect the power operator and manually open the garage door a few times. If this task is difficult, contact one of our technicians.

We use various materials including wood, concrete blocks, solid concrete and steel structures to do this work.

We offer installation of:

  • Support beams
  • Steel frames
  • Wood frames
  • Frame coverings